Drain and Sewer Repair

Plumbing issue: Clogged Sewer Line – Drain and Sewer Repair
Location: San Francisco, CA

Customer notes:
“I worked with Ace to do a sewer inspection on my new home because it had two large, mature trees growing in front – we were worried the roots were having a party up in our sewer line (they were); Ace had come highly recommended by my real estate agent. They were professional, fast and honest; they gave us a realistic quote and told us to get work done in the next 6 months. I liked them a lot.

Five days after moving in to my house, my garage was flooded. I called Ace thinking it was the sewer backing up, or flooding due to the first (the only?!) rain of 2014. Joe and his team came out on a Saturday and discovered that the water main had broken under the sidewalk/front of the house. I needed about 25 shots of Jack Daniels when they told me this, because it was unbelievable bad luck. However, Joe was able to get a team together and fix the water main that day (they worked into the night and brought flood lights out so that we could have water that day), and completed the work that had to be done with the sewage line over the course of the next two weeks.

The guys working on our house were always courteous and professional – they were able to finish our emergency job and fit us in with their packed schedule. They are the only plumbers I’ll call if I need help in the future.”