Boiler Services & Annual Inspection

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Boiler Services & Annual Inspection

Complete Repair, Replacement & Installation for boiler systems

Whether your system is gas, steam or oil, Ace Plumbing & Rooter is your local company in San Francisco for all residential boiler services. Contact our team for scheduled preventative maintenance and inspections, service and repair of your existing boiler, or replacement and installation of a new boiler systems.

Schedule Your Permit to Operate (PTO)

Ace Plumbing & Rooter is the only call you need to make to ensure your boiler is inspected, maintained, and falls under compliance with San Francisco’s boiler permit to operate program.

  • Ensure your boiler remains in compliance and performs reliably year-round
  • Never miss a filing deadline
  • Avoid fines and surprise repairs
Boiler Services & Annual Inspection
Boiler Services & Annual Inspection
Boiler Services & Annual Inspection
Boiler Services & Annual Inspection


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Boiler Services & Annual Inspection

State-Licensed Boiler Inspection and Compliance Services

As a highly-rated, state licensed C-4 Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting contractor, ACE Plumbing & Rooter will inspect each boiler on your property and look for telltale signs of risky or potentially dangerous operations.

  • We’ll review all applicable heating elements, tanks, valves, fittings, pipes, and other connections.
  • We’ll also inspect the boiler flame to ensure it is the right color, with no visible signs of sediment buildup.
  • ACE follows the San Francisco city checklist and captures all required data.
  • If your system is in need of a tune-up or repair, we’ll discuss your options with you and can often proceed with the repair the same day.

Once your system is fully compliant and operating safely, we’ll submit your data to the city. The city will send you a new permit for the upcoming year, so please display it prominently on a wall nearby the system.

Enjoy reliable heating year-round and protect the safety of everyone in your building with an annual boiler system Permit to Operate Inspection from Ace Plumbing & Rooter.

San Francisco Boiler System Permit to Operate Compliance FAQ

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection regulates boilers throughout the city. As boilers are heat generating devices that use pressure to distribute energy, proper maintenance is key to prevent explosions that could result in death, injury, and property damage.

No. Compliance is mandatory. The city expects all eligible property owners and managers to self register for the program. Failure to do so may result in fines from the city; it also opens property owners and managers to potential litigation should injury or property damage result from an accident caused by an improperly maintained system. If your boiler is not registered, you can do so here, or have ACE register it for you as part of our PTO inspection and compliance service.

If your boiler meets ANY of the following criteria, you must comply with the PTO program:

Building Size

– 6+ Residential or Commercial Units heated by a single boiler or combined system

Boiler System

– Single or combined boilers or tankless water heaters that exceed 200k BTU capacity

– Singular or combined volume of storage tanks that exceed 120 gallons

– If combined units are used in a series, each unit will need a separate PTO

Boiler Types

Low Pressure Hot Water Heating Boilers furnish hot water at pressures not exceeding 160 p.s.i. and at temperatures not exceeding 250°F

Low Pressure Steam-Heating Boilers furnish steam at pressures not exceeding 15 p.s.i. (U.M.C. – 214.0)

Domestic Hot-Water Boilers have a volume exceeding 120 gallons (454 L) or a heat input exceeding 200,000 btu/h

Boiler Services & Annual Inspection