Toilet Repair and Replacement

Plumbing issue: Toilet Repair – Toilet Repair and Replacement
Location: San Francisco, CA

Customer notes:
“I originally called Atlas Plumbing for our slight emergency with the, a sunday during a holiday weekend. They were booked. They recommended Ace. Joel is the owner of Atlas apparently and likely to be the guy I spoke to. Anyway, it took a couple of hours from the time I called them to the time Rick (Richard) made it out to us, but he got called in for this job specifically. He came up with just a plunger. I told him he might need more than that. He said he wanted to try it anyway.

Two minutes later, no exaggeration, and the toilet was flushing and draining normally. He was super nice and probably happy that it wasn’t a major problem to keep him out late on a Sunday night. It did cost $125 for a plunge but I would totally call them again. And a few days later I did have to call them again.

This time Nick snaked the s*** out of the drain…not literally really…I think he even broke a sweat crankin’ that sucker…but he got it and it’s been good ever since…it’s been months. Thanks!”