Plumbing issue: Remodel – Re-Piping
Location: San Francisco, CA

Customer notes:
“We did a rebuild of our house with all new plumbing from the street. Three baths on three different floors. A tub installed in each bathroom with two of them having also a separate shower.New hot water heater with a recirculation line and pump for the upstairs bathroom. The water heater also required a line to the outside for the condensate.

An Ejector pump for downstairs bath and a bar sink. Sump pump for basement and trench drain for garage door. Two sinks in kitchen with pot filler next to cooktop. Outdoor hose lines for in front of house and one for each of three levels in the back of the house. All new gas line from street to hot water heater, furnace, fireplace, cooktop, and grill in the back yard.

“We had a number of quotes for doing the plumbing on our house and decided to go with Nick Bobos for Ace Plumbing (His was not the lowest quote, but seem to know what would be required for this job. This job took quite a while to get done because of the size of the job and all the different contractors who were involved.

Nick played well with the other contractors and was able to come back to finish parts when others had finished and moved on. I was on site for everything and Nick did not seem to mind any question that I had or that I was watching them work. It was a relief that something as important as the plumbing went well when we had problems in other areas of the house.”